Our recommendation:   (not a requirement, but only advice!)
Subject to reflect on what will be discussed in the letter.
The body of the letter minimum "of water, only the most important information that can attract potential customers.

   If the prices of your products or services, the average or above average, we do not recommend sending prices.

The optimum amount of letters 1/3 ~ 1/2 page A4. This is enough to describe the activities of your company. For more information you can then provide telephone or e-mail.
Important points can be a different color.

The appearance of letters is limited only by your imagination.
But we encourage you to heed the advice of our managers, who have great experience in optimizing the customer information under the e-mail newsletter.

Check out sketches of our models, we are ready to optimize them for your advertising!
Our managers will help you in drawing up the layout.

Requirements ready model:  Txt format or  html without using a cascade of tables and styles.

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